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            Sino-foreign joint venture Zibo Dajin Paper Equipment Co., Ltd.

            The sino-foreign joint venture zibo dajin paper making equipment Co., ltd. is a joint venture invested in China by Hyunjin Tech Co.,Ltd of the republic of Korea. It is mainly engaged in the manufacturing and sales of high-speed rewinding machines and high-speed paper cutting machines.

            Hyunjin Tech Co.,Ltd is a south Korean manufacturer and marketer of high-speed rewinder, paper cutter and professional company with advanced technical design level. The rewinder and paper cutter produced by the company have a good performance in Korea, southeast Asia and China. Relying on China's advanced processing capacity and excellent sales team, Hyunjin Tech Co.,Ltd has reduced the production cost of high-speed rewinder and paper cutter on the one hand, and on the other hand ensured the quality and performance of the rewinder on the basis of its technical strength.


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